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Sabre fencer Marco Marin made his Olympic debut at the Games of 1984 in Los Angeles.

France vs. Italy, the eternal duel

After defeating Hervé Granger-Veyron of France 10-4 in the semi finals, he faced another Frenchman, Jean-François Lamour in the final. Marin fell behind 5-9, but then caught up, only to lose by single touch, 11-12. In the team sabre event, Marin led the Italian squad to victory, winning three matches in Italy's 9-3 defeat of France in the gold-medal contest.

A fourth Olympic medal

Marin was less successful at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul. He placed fourteenth in the individual event, but helped Italy score a one-touch victory over France to gain a bronze medal in the team event. Four years later, at the Games in Barcelona, Marin lost to Lamour in the elimination round, 4-6, 2-5, but in the semi finals, he had the opportunity to fence against his Olympic nemesis once more. This time, Marin defeated Lamour 6-4, 5-3. In the final, Marin lost to Bence Szabó of Hungary, but in earning the silver medal, he did bring his total of Olympic medals to four.




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