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Sam looks friendly and cheerful in order not to frighten children and to embody the optimism of the Olympic spirit. With his hat featuring the design of the national flag, he shows that he is part of American culture.


C. Robert Moore, Walt Disney Productions.

Did you know?

Before becoming an eagle, the animal chosen as the mascot for the Games in Los Angeles was a bear, the emblem of California. This idea was dropped, as a bear had already been used for the Games in Moscow; so it was this famous bird of prey, the symbol of the American nation, which was the natural choice for the mascot‟s creators.

Sam also recalls the bronze eagle which welcomed the winner of the stadium race when he crossed the finish line at the ancient Olympic Games.

A cartoon was created featuring the mascot Sam, in the form of a detective who used the magic of the five Olympic rings on his hat to get himself out of all kinds of situations.

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