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London 2012 Medals Getty Images Europe

On the obverse, the traditional goddess of victory flies into the Panathinaikos stadium bringing victory to the best athlete. For these Games, the figure of victory is accompanied by the specific inscription: “XXX Olympiad London 2012”.

The reverse features an abstract design with the 2012 Games emblem at its centre as a metaphor for the modern city. The design also includes a ribbon representing London’s Thames river and an interlocking grid pattern that radiates from the centre and pulls the design together, giving it a sense of outreach while also representing the achievements and efforts of Olympic athletes. A square, which encases the balance of the design, opposes the circular shape of the medals and emphasizes its focus on the centre, reinforcing the sense of ‘place, as in a map inset.

Designer: David Watkins, Elena Votsi
Composition: 1st Place (Gold: 1.34%; Silver: 92.5%; Copper), 2nd Place (Silver: 92.5%; Copper), 3rd Place (Copper: 97%; Zinc: 2.5%; Tin: 0.5%)
Diameter: 85 mm
Mint: Royal Mint

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