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Ingjerd Hanevold, who created the 1994 Olympic Winter Games medals for Lillehammer, says she designed them to be "humorous, sober and recognizable" and that their design "is Norwegian through and through". Her innovative surprise was to use granite - sparagmite to be precise - as the basic material. "I tried to create something that reflects what Norwegians like and appreciate, i.e. nature. There is plenty of granite in our country, and it is beautiful in its simplicity. I think that, thanks to the other components - gold, silver and bronze - the medals are very stylish."

Designer: Ingjerd HANEVOLD
Composition: 1st Place (Gilt silver; Sparagmite), 2nd Place (Silver; Sparagmite), 3rd Place (Bronze; Sparagmite)
Diameter: 78 mm
Mint: Th. Marthinsen

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