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ALTWEGG Jeannette
ALTWEGG Jeannette

Jeannette ALTWEGG

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Jeannette Altwegg was an accomplished tennis player who made it to the junior finals at Wimbledon in 1947.

Sporting strength in figure skating

She first competed in the Olympic Winter Games in 1948, when she was eighteen years old, where she earned a bronze medal behind Barbara Ann Scott of Canada and Eva Pawlik of Austria.

Exploit at the 1952 Olympic Winter Games

Just eight days before the 1952 Olympic Games, she defended her European championship title. At the Oslo Games, Altwegg built a huge lead during the compulsory figures and then held on to win the gold medal despite placing fourth in the free-skating, as she earned the overall first-place votes of six of the nine judges

Working with orphans

As an Olympic champion, Jeannette was offered large sums of money to turn professional and perform in ice shows. Instead she retired from skating, moved to Switzerland and took a low-salary job working with war orphans.




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