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  • Sochi 2014
    • Sochi 2014

      01 Feb 2016 | www |

      The Official Report published by the Organising Committee for the Olympic Games Sochi 2014 is composed of a box set containing a commemorative book (published in English and Russian) as well as four CD-ROMs, dealing with various aspects related to the organisation and running of the Games:

      Vol. 1: Presentation of Sochi’s candidature. - Vol. 2: Commemorative book (also available in print, but only in English and Russian). - Vol. 3: Preparation of the Olympic Games (English and French versions) and Paralympic Games (English version only).- Vol. 4: Official results of the Games (trilingual document – English, French and Russian). The last CD also contains the list of Olympic and Paralympic medallists (bilingual – English and Russian).

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