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OVEP Guatemala OVEP Guatemala

12-18 year-old pupils


Film, conference and discussion to disseminate Olympism and its values.

  • An educational programme disseminated throughout the whole country.
  • An educational program that is sustainable and interactive.
  • Films and conferences enabling pupils to exchange ideas and hold discussions on themes linked to Olympism.

Since 2003, the Guatemalan Olympic Academy has been periodically organising an interactiveprogramme called Cine Forum. This programme is disseminated throughout numerous academic institutions in Guatemala. It aims to promote the Olympic ideal through conferences, discussions and multimedia screenings.

  • A Cine Forum begins with a conference in which the characteristics of Olympism’s philosophy are presented to students, and it is shown how the Olympic Movement completely changes the vision and practice of sports.

Then invite pupils telling them, for example:

“Discovering the values and anti-values in Movies”

  • At the end of the movie to chat about values or anti-values they identified in the characters of the movie.

We choose movies like the following:

  • Remember the Titans
  • Cool runnings
  • Facing the Giants
  • Bend it like Beckham
  • Disseminate the philosophy and values of Olympism.
  • Increase young people's interest in Olympism and its principles.
  • Use innovating activities for disseminating the philosophy and values of Olympism.

A film is screened in conjunction with the theme of the conference to provoke discussion and reflection.

The Cine Forum programme is organised alternatively in all the regions of the country. It is aimed at groups of 12-18 year-olds. Information material is distributed during the conference. Furthermore, the event benefits from broad public dissemination through adverts and news items broadcast on television.


Organised since 2003, this activity increases people's knowledge of the Olympic philosophy and values. It is organised both for young athletes and for pupils in schools and schools. Each edition of Cine Forum brings together around 150 participants.

Practical advice
  • Depending on the space you have available for the Cine Forum you can convoke. We have had Cine Forums with an attendance of 900 students in a gym and 80 students in a conference room.
  • Find the movie that best fits the situation of target group, age, sex, sports, environment.
  • The initial conference should not be longer than 15 minutes and focused on the goal, that is to find in the film values and anti-values on the characters, their actions and their consequences.
  • Observe during the screening of the film, reactions of young people in certain scenes in order to create a discussion at the end and thus, to achieve a better utilization of the educational aspect and particularly the training.
  • Motivate young people's desire to implement in their everyday actions, all positive values they have seen and put aside the negative, and find that Olympism is a philosophy of life.
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Country: Guatemala
Organisation: Guatemalan Olympic Committee
Contact: Inga. María del Carmen de García Sub-Director Guatemalan Olympic Academy Executive Director of National Council of Sport of Guatemala

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