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Grenoble 1968 mascot



The name "Shuss" was chosen by the agency commissioned by the Organising Committee to advertise for these Games.


Shuss is a little man on skis in the position to which his name alludes. The top of his large two-coloured head, which rests on a unique zig-zag flash shaped foot, generally features the Olympic rings.


Aline Lafargue

Did you know?
  • Instead of "mascot", it was the term of "character" that was most often used at the time by the Organising Committee to refer to Shuss.

  • Shuss was available on a variety of items: keyrings, pins, magnets, watches and even an inflatable version.

  • Shuss was created in a hurry. In January 1967, his designer had only one night to prepare a plan for submission.

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