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21 août 2010
Actu CIO

Charmaine Crooks, athlète modèle au Jeux Olympiques de la Jeunesse

Découvrez le blog (en anglais) de Charmaine Crooks (qui a participé 5 fois aux Jeux Olympiques en athlétisme) à propos de son engagement en tant qu’athlète modèle pour les Jeux Olympiques de la Jeunesse. 

What an incredible honour it is for me to be part of the First Youth Olympic Games as an Athlete Role Model Athletes along with several other Olympians from a variety of sports from around the world.

I am reminded here in Singapore that our journey from play to the podium started a lot like these young Athletes. Like them, we were all connected by the initial hopes and dreams of being the very best in sport, and took great pride when competing for our host nations.

Even as these Athletes compete here in the sporting arenas at a high level, their passion and enthusiasm outside the arena has been equally matched by their full engagement in the cultural and education activities. There they learn in a fun environment the true lessons of sport that they can use no matter where their careers take them.

For most of these boys and girls, this is really only the beginning of what could be a long journey in sport paved with hard work, dedication and commitment to excellence. As we experience this new youth driven era in sport, my hope is that even more opportunities will be placed within their reach so that they can accomplish their sporting goals and more.

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