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01 févr. 2002
Actu CIO

Activités de la Commission des collectionneurs (en anglais uniquement)

The Olympic Collectors Commission today announced its activities in Salt Lake City. These include:

Olympex 2002 Olympic Museum Exhibition
A cultural-historical show of Winter Olympic stamps, coins, pins, badges, posters, medals, torches, diploma, etc. More than 3000 children are expected to visit the exhibition and get an insight to Olympic history and Olympic Collection.

Where: City County Building
When: from 29 January to 25 February - 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Olympic Collectors Fair
The place where vendors collectors and visitors can meet to trade, exchange all Olympic memorabilia. Special activities will include a permanent tribute to the victims of 11th September

Where: Walker Center Building, 175 South main
When: from 8 February to 24 February - noon to midnight

Postal facilities
Will be available at Olympex 2002, the Olympic Collectors Fair and at the Olympic Family Hotels (restricted access).

For further information please contact Nadine St-Pierre on (801) 215 2993 or (801) 215 2992.
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