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Olympic Summer Games

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    • Medals of the Olympic Games from Athens 1896 to Tokyo 2020

      10 Sep 2019 | 49 pages | Pdf | pdf (6268 Ko)

      This document traces the evolution of the Olympic Summer Games medals, from the first Games in Athens in 1896 to those in Rio in 2016. Each medal is presented with a photo of its obverse and reverse, with a description of the design and the technical details available.

    • Olympic Summer Games Mascots from Munich 1972 to Tokyo 2020

      01 Mar 2018 | 33 pages | Pdf | pdf (1964 Ko)

      Inspired by people, animals and even creatures of myth and legend, the mascots are an integral part of the Olympic celebrations. From Waldi, the dachshund who accompanied the 1972 Games in Munich, to the mascots that will represent the Games in Tokyo 2020, discover these characters which are also part of the history of the Games.

    • Posters of the Olympic Games from Athens 1896 to Rio 2016

      22 May 2017 | 73 pages | Pdf | pdf (14249 Ko)

      The posters produced for the Olympic Games are one of the facets of their visual identity. Making use of all styles and techniques, they never cease to surprise and evolve. Through this document you can obtain an overview of the various posters produced by the OCOGs for each edition of the Games.

    • Sports Pictograms of the Olympic Games from Tokyo 1964 to Rio 2016

      09 Feb 2017 | 33 pages | Pdf | pdf (5099 Ko)

      Essential for guiding visitors and used in many communication formats, the sports pictograms receive considerable attention also owing to their aesthetic qualities. For each edition of the Summer Games since Tokyo 1964, this document presents the sports pictograms through visuals and information on the graphic designers and the creative concept.

    • Villages of the Olympic Games from Paris 1924 to Rio 2016

      22 Jan 2018 | 83 pages | Pdf | pdf (8815 Ko)

      The Olympic Village is a central element in the organisation of the Games: it brings together athletes from throughout the world in one place and offers accommodation adapted to their needs. This document retraces the evolution of Olympic Villages since they appeared in Paris in 1924. Dive into the atmosphere of these places thanks to mosaics of images, and learn more about the concept, the services proposed and the technical characteristics of each Village.

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