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In order to examine the candidatures of the cities applying to host the Games of the Olympiad or the Olympic Winter Games, the President sets up an evaluation commission for Candidate Cities in accordance with the Olympic Charter.

Each Evaluation Commission advises the Session, the IOC Executive Board and the IOC President on all matters pertaining to the analysis of Candidate Cities’ projects, including two interim reports to the Executive Board following stage 1 and stage 2 of the Candidature Process, and an opportunity and risk assessment for all IOC Members during stage 3.

The Commission includes IOC members and representatives of the International Federations, the NOCs, the Athletes’ Commission, the International Paralympic Committee and experts. Nationals of Candidate Cities’ countries are not eligible as members of the Evaluation Commission.

As defined by the Olympic Charter, the Evaluation Commission’s mandate is to

  • To analyse the Candidature Files and guarantees submitted by the cities
  • Carry out a site visit to each city
  • To produce a report highlighting the opportunities and challenges of each bid city with a strong focus on sustainability, legacy and athletes’ experience, using the analyses, as well as a number of external independent studies

The Commission also briefs the IOC Members and the Presidents and Secretaries General of the International Federations on the opportunities and challenges of the cities’ projects during a Briefing which takes place in advance of the IOC Session during which the Host City is elected.

The Evaluation Commission is supported by the Olympic Games Department.

Evaluation for the Olympic Winter Games 2026


Octavian MORARIU


Marianna DAVIS
Hee-beom LEE
Jose Luis MARCO

Director in charge

Olympic Games Executive Director

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