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Olympic Revenue Distribution
Olympic Revenue Distribution IOC

The IOC distributes over 90% of its revenues to organisations throughout the Olympic Movement to support the staging of the Olympic Games and to promote the worldwide development of sport. The IOC retains less than 10% of its revenue for the operational and administrative costs of governing the Olympic Movement.

Organising Committees for the Olympic Games (OCOGs)

The IOC provides TOP programme contributions and Olympic broadcast revenue to the OCOGs to support the staging of the Olympic Games and Olympic Winter Games. Long-term broadcast and sponsorship programmes enable the IOC to provide the majority of the OCOG's budget well in advance of the Games, with revenue effectively guaranteed prior to the selection of the host city.

National Olympic Committees (NOCs)

The NOCs receive financial support for the training and development of Olympic teams, Olympic athletes and Olympic hopefuls. The IOC distributes TOP programme revenue to each of the NOCs throughout the world. The IOC also contributes Olympic broadcast revenue to Olympic Solidarity, an IOC organisation that provides financial support to NOCs with the greatest need.

The continued success of the TOP programme and Olympic broadcast agreements has enabled the IOC to provide increased support for the NOCs with each Olympic quadrennium.

International Olympic Sports Federations (IFs)

The IOC provides financial support from Olympic broadcast revenue to the IFs of Olympic summer and winter sports after the completion of the Olympic Games and the Olympic Winter Games.

The value of Olympic broadcast partnerships has enabled the IOC to deliver substantially increased financial support to the IFs with each successive Games.

Other Organisations

The IOC provides financial support to the programmes of various recognised international sports organisations, including the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), the Paralympic Organising Committee, and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Olympic Marketing Revenues
Olympic Marketing Revenues IOC

The International Olympic Committee, and the organisations within the Olympic Movement, are entirely privately funded.

The IOC manages the sale of media rights to the Olympic Games, the TOP worldwide sponsorship programme and the IOC official supplier and licensing programmes.

The following chart provides a guide to the revenue generated from each major programme managed by the IOC and the OCOGs during a four year Olympic cycle.

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