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Enrico Fabris delighted the whole of Italy by claiming his country’s first OIympic medal in skating. He went on to win three medals in total including two gold.

Skating policeman

Enrico Fabris started skating at the age of six in his local club in Roana. When he was 22 years old he joined the police force and became a member of Fiamme Oro (Golden Flames), the famous state police sports group.

Improving performances

At the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Games, Fabris came 16th in the 5,000m and 26th in the 1,500m. But he was improving rapidly and went on to win at the Innsbruck Winter University Games in 2005.

First Olympic medal

In 2006, Fabris marked his arrival as a major force with his first victories in the World Cup. Later, at the 2006 Turin Winter Games, Fabris claimed an unexpected bronze medal in the 5,000m event. This bronze medal was Italy’s first Olympic medal in this discipline.

Double gold

Five days later, the Olympic Games’ first ever team pursuit event was held. Led by Fabris, the Italian relay team overcame the Dutch, who were hot favourites, and went on to beat the Canadians to win gold in front of their home crowd. Fabris completed a memorable Olympic Games by winning his second gold in the 1,500m, his favourite event.



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Olympics Day 14 - Speed Skating

TURIN, ITALY - FEBRUARY 24: Enrico Fabris of Italy skates a 13:21.54 in the 10,000 meter men's speed skating final during Day 14 of the Turin 2006 Winter Olympic Games on February 24, 2006 at the Oval in Turin, Italy. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
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The Medals Plaza-FABRIS Enrico (ITA) 3rd, HEDRICK Chad(USA) 1st and KRAMER Sven (NED) 2nd.
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? and Richard CARRION, IOC PUR-KRAMER Sven (NED) 2nd, HEDRICK Chad (USA) 1st and FABRIS Enrico (ITA) 3rd.
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The Medals Plaza-FABRIS Enrico (ITA) 3rd-At piazza Castello.
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Chad Hedrick Claims 5000m Gold

In the 5000m event, American Chad Hedrick wins his first gold medal, capturing his third medal at these Olympics. Hedrick of USA, finishes in 6:14.68, over a second ahead of Sven Kramer of Netherlands. Italian Enrico Fabris, claims the bronze medal in 6:18.25. Speed Skating Men's 5000m Final - Turin 2006 Winter Olympics - Chad Hedrick (USA), Sven Kramer (NED), Enrico Fabris (ITA)
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Enrico Fabris Becomes Italy's Top Medal Winner

Enrico Fabris claims his third medal of the Turin winter games, triumphing over favorites to win Shani Davis and Chad Hedrick of the United States. Fabris becomes Italy's top medal winner, earning bronze in 5000m, Italy's first Olympic medal in speed skating, gold in team pursuit, Italy's first gold in this sport, and gold in 1500m, Enrico's first individual gold. Speed Skating Men's 1500m Final - Turin 2006 Winter Olympics - Enrico Fabris (ITA), Shani Davis (USA), Chad Hedrick (USA)


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