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HOLUM Dianne
HOLUM Dianne

Dianne HOLUM

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Three-way tie

At the age of sixteen, Dianne Holum earned a silver medal in the 500m race at the 1968 Winter Games by finishing in a three-way tie for second place with two other Americans, Jennifer Fish and Mary Meyers. Two days later, she added a bronze medal in the 1,000m event.

Olympic champion before retiring

At the 1972 Games in Sapporo, the skater won a gold medal at 1,500m by setting an Olympic record. After finishing sixth at 1,000m, Holum closed out her Olympic career by gaining a silver medal in the 3,000m race.

Successful Coach

The following year, Dianne turned to coaching and began 14-year-old Eric Heiden on the road to the 1980 Olympic Winter Games in Lake Placid, where he won five gold medals.



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Sapporo 1972-HOLUM Dianne (USA), 1st 1500 m and 2nd 3000 m.
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Sapporo 1972-HOLUM Dianne (USA), 1st 1500 m and 2nd 3000 m.
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Winter Medal

10 Feb 1968: Winter Olympics, Grenoble. The unusual sight of three Silver medalists on the podium for the 500m Speed Skating presentation. (l-r) Mary Meyers (USA), Dianne Holum (USA), Jennifer Fish (USA) - who all registered the same time in the final (46.3) and Gold medalist Lyudmila Tilova (SOV). Mandatory Credit: Allsport Hulton/Archive
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Grenoble 1968-Speed skating L 500 m-FISH J. (USA), HOLUM Dianne (USA), MEYERS M. (USA) 2nd TITOVA L. (SUN) 1st
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Grenoble 1968-MEYERS Mary (USA), HOLUM Dianne (USA) and FISH Jennifer (USA), all 2nd in the 500 m.
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Grenoble 1968-The ladies speed skating events in Grenoble. KAISER Christina (NED) and HOLUM Dianne (USA).


  • Games
  • S 4:58.67
    Speed skating
    3000m women
    G 2:20.85
    Speed skating
    1500m women
  • B 1:33.4
    Speed skating
    1000m women
    S 0:46.3
    Speed skating
    500m women

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