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Dakar, Senegal

Dates: in 2022

Host Selection Process

The revised YOG 2022 Host Selection Process created a simpler, shorter and cheaper process for participants, working in partnership with greater support and expertise from the IOC.

An open dialogue phase (March – June 2018) was followed by a candidature phase (July – October 2018), during which the IOC created an Outline Plan of Sport and Facilities in consultation with the Candidate Parties. The Outline plan sets out an overview of the potential facilities/sites that may be appropriate to host the YOG 2022.

Following the election at the IOC Session in Buenos Aires in October 2018, Dakar 2022 has now entered the final phase of the Host Selection Process: the Co-Construction phase (November 2018 – November 2019). During this phase, the IOC and Olympic stakeholders will collaborate with the Host to jointly develop a DAKAR 2022 Edition Plan, including a master plan, concepts and budget that align to strategic objectives and are adapted and optimised for the local context.

The development of the YOG master plan will also take into consideration the outputs of the post-Games review of the Buenos Aires 2018 YOG, and the IF’s own proposals for the DAKAR 2022 Edition, as it relates to the sport programme. In determining an optimised YOG master plan, the IOC will consider not only whether facilities meet technical requirements but also how the facilities will contribute to the YOG as a purpose driven sports festival and whether they provide sufficient opportunity to support the delivery of a multi-faceted sport, cultural and educational experience.   

At the end of the Co-Construction phase, the Dakar 2022 Edition Plan will be presented to the IOC Session and the Hosts will sign the completed Host Contract.



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