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It’s quick, it’s epic and now it’s Olympic: 3x3’s meteoric rise from the streets to the Olympics

Exciting, urban and innovative, 3x3 is inspired by several forms of streetball played worldwide and is considered the world’s number one urban team sport. FIBA has developed 3x3 as the second basketball discipline to attract a new audience and provide more opportunities for its member associations and players worldwide.

Olympics in the DNA

3x3 has the Olympics in its DNA. In 2007, FIBA decided to propose to the IOC that it add 3x3 to the programme of the Youth Olympic Games Singapore 2010, which ended up being the first official 3x3 event. On 9 June, 2017, the IOC’s Executive Board announced its decision to include 3x3 as part of the Olympic basketball programme, starting with the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. That day, 3x3 became the first-ever new YOG discipline to be included in the Olympic program.

3x3 is simple and flexible enough to be played anywhere by anybody. All you need is a hoop, a half-court and six players. In 2012, FIBA created a free digital platform to help the public and private organisers run their events, and the community of 3x3 players to find tournaments to play worldwide.

Number one urban team sport

The rules of the game are designed to make it a fast, spectacular and exciting. The 12-second shot-clock makes 3x3 the quickest team competition in the world. Games can be won in two different ways: by scoring the most points after 10 minutes or if a team reaches 21 points. The non-stop music brings an authentic urban culture atmosphere, which attracts a young audience to the events.

3x3 is an opportunity for new players, organisers and countries to go from the streets to the World Stage. Mongolia – a country of just over 3 million inhabitants – won the FIBA 3x3 Asia Cup with the men and qualified for the Tokyo Games with the women. It will be the first time ever that Mongolia has competed at the Olympic Games in a team sport. The stars of the game play in a professional tour and earn ranking points at each event. Did you know that 3x3 is the only team game with an individual world ranking?

Competition rules in Tokyo

There will be eight men’s teams and eight women’s teams in Tokyo. This means a total of 64 athletes, who will compete from 24 to 28 July 2021.



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