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Athlete365 Career+ is a programme that empowers athletes to maximise their education and employment opportunities and helps them stride confidently into a dual or post-sports career. It supports athletes at all stages of their career, helping them discover their potential and plan for their life beyond the world of competitive sport through a blend of advice, training and peer-to-peer learning. Career+ (formerly the Athlete Career Programme) is an IOC Athletes' Commission initiative and is delivered with The Adecco Group. Career+: Preparation for lifelong excellence.

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Freestyle Skiing at Sochi 2014


The education workbook provides tools and guidance for athletes looking to excel in their educational pursuits. It supports athletes by providing resources that will guide them in making informed decisions in regard to the educational opportunities available to them.

Diving at London 2012


The employment workbook guides athletes in identifying how their interest and assets can be transferred from world-class competition to the workplace. Athletes are supported in identifying potential opportunities for job, internship or training placements.

Athletes works out at the Olympic Village at London 2012

Life skills

The lifeskills workbook focuses on personal skill development. It assists athletes in understanding how their skills as a sportsperson can be valuable in the rest of their lives, and provides resources focused on the development of new life skills.

Artistic Gymnastics at London 2012


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