What is a Personal Brand?

A vital part of being a modern athlete is creating and developing your personal brand, but what does that mean?

Your personal brand is how you market yourself. Your self-portrayal in the public eye and conduct in front of the cameras is all part of building it. Best of all, your personal brand is unique to you. Whether it involves interviews with select parts of the media, managing your digital presence, or creating sponsorship deals with exciting, innovative companies, you are in control of your personal brand.

Athlete365 is perfectly placed to advise you on this. We have developed a toolkit to help you establish best practices for promoting yourself, supported by a content campaign that benefits from insight from experts, athletes and authors. The focus will be on providing support to you and other sportspeople on creating and developing your personal brand.

Stand out

If you’re looking to work on your personal brand, it’s essential that you make your presence felt. Your aim of collaborating with businesses or sponsors relies on being visible and standing out from the crowd. Identify your strengths, plan a strategy and you’ll be on your way to establishing your personal brand.

Be more than an athlete

You have reached the highest level of your sport. But you are more than just an athlete. You already have many transferable skills that can be put to use to help further your career. Social media, networking and dealing with sponsors are all part of the deal for the modern athlete, and you and your entourage need to build this into your schedule around training and competitions. Furthering your personal brand is about realising your potential off the field as well as on it.

Maximise your opportunities

To make the most out of your opportunities, it’s important to be organised and plan ahead. Ideally, you need to have a clear structure to your personal brand. What measurable objectives can you attain? How can you best use your strengths? Athlete365 has created a Best Practice guide which will help you explore every avenue and get the best out of the opportunities available.

Tell your story

Every athlete’s personal brand is different. Even if you share a sport with others and have similar qualities, you are unique and that should be reflected in your personal brand. Your audience and other brands want to see and hear about the real you. How you have achieved what you have, your inspirations, your hopes and dreams. All of these elements and more define you and what your story can offer.

Athlete365’s Personal Brand Toolkit is here to give you every opportunity to tell your story and expand your horizons.