Racism or any form of discrimination has no place in sport.

The IOC AC is currently holding a consultation on athlete expression to gather feedback from the athlete community on how the IOC, Olympic Games, and the Olympic Movement can amplify the voices of athletes and ultimately better support our efforts to tackle racism and discrimination.

NOC Findings
Australian Olympic Committee

The AOC Athletes’ Commission has released findings of a survey on the views of Australian athletes about self-expression at the Olympic Games.

Canadian Olympic Committee

The COC Athletes’ Commission recommendation to the IOC and IOC Athletes’ Commission for amends to Rule 50.

German Olympic Sports Confederation

The DOSB executive summary for Rule 50.

Belgian Olympic Committee

Survey summary from the Belgium NOC AC regarding Rule 50.

Olympic Federation of Ireland

Initial findings from the survey conducted for Irish athletes by the Irish Athletes’ Commission.

Slovak Olympic and Sports Committee

Letter from the Slovakia Olympic and Sports Committee Athletes’ Commission to the IOC Athletes’ Commission Chair, Kirsty Coventry.

Chinese Olympic Committee

A letter from the Chair of the Chinese Olympic Committee Athletes’ Commission to the Chair of the IOC Athletes’ Commission on the efforts taken by the Chinese Olympic community regarding Rule 50.