In June 2019, the IOC updated Rule 40 of the Olympic Charter and established a set of Key Principles. These Key Principles set out how the athletes competing at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 can engage in and benefit from commercial activities around the Olympic Games. The Rule 40 framework is important as it enables the Olympic Movement to fund all Olympic teams worldwide, Olympic sports and the Olympic Games themselves.

Rule 40 Commercial Opportunities

This document sets out the Key Principles of use of Participants’ Images for Advertising that are applicable to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Athlete Advertising during the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

This portal enables non-Olympic partner companies and brands to notify the International Olympic Committee of their athlete advertising that they intend to run during the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.
This portal should be used to notify advertising targeting more than one territory. Advertising targeting one territory should be sent to the relevant National Olympic Committee.