We are excited to bring to you the Athlete365 Business Accelerator, a three-stage entrepreneur journey funded by Olympic Solidarity that will provide you with the platform to kick start and then supercharge your idea.

Business Accelerator
Spark your inner entrepreneur

Why Athlete365 Business Accelerator?

Our main objective with this programme is to provide business and entrepreneurship basics to athletes, to help you to understand what it takes to start a business – from the initial idea to the business plan and then on to financial planning. If you already have a business idea and the necessary skills, perhaps you don’t need help, but the course is there to give the basics to those of you that feel you do, or are curious to learn more.

  • Start with a free-to-use, six-lesson online course on entrepreneurship.
  • Follow a guided step-by-step process to draft a good first business idea, regardless of your current experience.
  • Successful applicants will be invited to attend a two-day workshop to develop their business plan and participate in a four-week mentorship programme.
  • Ten athletes will receive six months of accelerated mentoring with business experts from the Yunus Sports Hub network.

Does your business idea need an extra push to get started? The Athlete365 Business Accelerator is free-to-use and provides you with the fundamentals to plan your idea. If you successfully complete the programme, you’ll be invited to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in an expert-led workshop, where you can further hone your skills alongside other athlete entrepreneurs.

Course and next steps

The Athlete365 Business Accelerator will help and guide you over the coming months in your pursuit to set-up your own business in a sustainable way, taking into account the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The first step
Our six-lesson online course provides you with business and entrepreneurship basics to help you to understand what it takes to start a business, from the initial idea to the business plan and then on to financial planning. It is long enough to give you the information, but not so long that it is overwhelming. We provide the coaching, but ultimately it’s up to you to train using our exercises and tasks and then put it into practice.

The next step
Once you’ve completed the six online lessons, selected athletes will be invited to come to one of our five workshops based in different locations around the globe. These will bring aspiring entrepreneurs like you together to hone your business ideas.

What the Athlete365 Business Accelerator workshop in New York really emphasised was that as Olympians, we have the power to make a difference in society.
As an individual athlete, the responsibility is always on you to perform well. No one else can help you do that. You have to back yourself. You have to have that confidence. You might be scared, but you just do it anyway. I think that’s a really important trait to have in business as well.
Think about the difference you want to make, assemble a plan and things will begin to fall into place.
You’ve already got what it takes, so accept the challenge.
If you’re crazy enough to choose a sporting career as an athlete, you can definitely manage an entrepreneurial career.
I think what athletes are good at is actually the way we learn fast.
If you’re afraid you don’t have the expertise, all I would say is wing it.
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Under the leadership of Nobel Peace Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus, founder of microcredit and father of social business, Yunus Sports Hub is a global community of experts dedicated to solving human challenges through sport and social business.

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