This Saturday, IOC Athletes’ Commission Chair Angela Ruggiero participated alongside other leaders of the Olympic Movement to the 5th Olympic Summit which took place in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The Summit focused on the generation of clear proposals concerning the full review of the anti-doping system.

After the meeting, Ruggiero issued the following statement:

“I am pleased to have been able to represent the athletes’ voice at the 5th Olympic Summit.  Athletes are and will always remain fundamental stakeholders of the Olympic Movement and having direct involvement in key discussions is critical to ensuring our opinions and needs are taken into account.

“As Chair of the IOC Athletes’ Commission, I strongly support the proposals which were generated as the result of the Summit. The call for stronger governance and increased independency and transparency of the anti-doping system as well as harmonisation of testing across all sport and strong sanctions on athletes’ entourage are very critical elements of improving the anti-doping system. Additionally the support for a robust whistle-blower programme and improved security of athletes’ data are some of the key measures needed to ensure athletes’ trust in the system remains high. We want their confidential medical information to be stored safely – so they can continue to declare the use of essential medications without fear of repercussion or breach of privacy as brought on by the recent cyber-attacks.

“Today’s discussions were just some of the many where the athletes’ voice will be heard and I look forward to, alongside the other members of the IOC Athletes’ Commission, channelling athletes’ wishes to the highest Olympic Movement stakeholders and representing them in the discussions. I encourage athletes to bring forward to our Commission any ideas, comments or suggestions they might have on the anti-doping system and how we can best represent their interests by sending an email to”

Ruggiero was elected as Chair of the IOC Athletes’ Commission during the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and since the beginning of her mandate has been encouraging athletes to engage closely with the IOC Athletes’ Commission. As the members have been democratically elected by their peers at the Olympic Games, Ruggiero made it her priority to keep them closely connected with the wider athlete population directly as well as through the Olympic Athletes’ Hub.

You can find here the full declaration of the 5th Olympic Summit and the list of participants.