Dear Athletes,

There has been a lot of discussion since the decision on 1 February 2018 by the Court of Arbitration of Sport (CAS). At that time, while CAS partially accepted 11 of the decisions, they also overturned the International Olympic Committee(IOC) Oswald Commission decisions to disqualify 28 Russian athletes from Sochi 2014 and ban them from participation in PyeongChang 2018 and future Olympic Games.

As athlete representatives within the IOC, we want to make it clear where we stand and to assure you, the athlete community, of our continued participation in the discussion and review process on your behalf.

We share your disappointment in the CAS decision and fully support the IOC Olympic Athlete from Russia (OAR) Invitation Review Panel and OAR Implementation Group decision to not invite the 13 Russian athletes and two coaches from this group who had requested to attend PyeongChang 2018, because they did not satisfactorily meet the requirements set by the Panel  (which can be found here).

Focus on your Games
Just two days ahead of the start of the Olympic Winter Games, and as your representatives within the IOC, we want to give you the assurance that every measure has been taken to ensure that you will be competing against clean athletes. Any Olympic Athlete from Russia invited through the Invitation Review Panel has gone through unprecedented levels of pre-Games anti-doping testing and a full review of their background. In this regard, we believe it is important to respect and treat each of these athletes equally to the other competitors you face on the start line in PyeongChang.

We are focused on your Rights
Now, as we keep fighting for your rights, we believe it is time for you to focus on your sport and what you have worked so hard for over the last few years. Becoming an Olympian and competing while the whole world cheers you on is a unique and incredible opportunity, and you owe it to yourself to take it all in.

We cannot wait to cheer you on. Should you have any questions, we have members of our Commission available throughout the day at the Athlete365 space in both of the Olympic Villages. Additionally, you can email us at

Remember, we are here to support you and are ready and willing to talk about any issue around this and other topics you face as an athlete. If you are competing in PyeongChang, come and see us at the Athlete365 Space outside the dining halls, where you can also vote for your next athlete representatives on the IOC.

Best of luck at the Games.

IOC Athletes’ Commission