Are you aware of all the support initiatives – financial and technical – available to you as a young athlete? And did you know that Olympic Solidarity offers every National Olympic Committee (NOC) scholarships to help their athletes qualify and prepare for Olympic events? Most importantly, do you know how to apply for and access them?

If not, there’s no need to worry. The Olympic Solidarity zone at the Youth Olympic Village will give you the chance to discover exactly what extra support may be available to you and how to go about receiving it. Here’s what you need to know.

Where is the Olympic Solidarity booth?
You’ll be able to find the Olympic Solidarity booth in the Athlete365 Space, next to the Your Journey, Beyond Sport and Safe Sport areas. The booth will be near to both the dining hall and the official YOG photo booth, so it’ll be hard to miss!

When can I visit it?
The booth will be open during the second week of the Games, from 11 to 18 October, and you can visit any time between 10am and 9pm.

Who will be there?
The booth will be run by Paola Bueno de Colley, from Olympic Solidarity’s Athletes unit, and Céline Mounoud, who works for the Promotion of the Olympic Values department. Both speak English, French and Spanish and have extensive knowledge of the Olympic Solidarity programmes. They will be joined by Athlete Role Models who have benefited from Olympic Solidarity funding in their own careers, as well as Buenos Aires 2018 volunteers.

What should I expect?
You’ll be able to learn all about Olympic Solidarity while having a go at mastering snookball – a super-sized version of snooker that you play with your feet! If a giant 6m snooker table doesn’t sound like your thing, there will be plenty of opportunities to talk with the experts from the Olympic Solidarity team, as well as gather information about the programmes on offer through videos and posters.

Why should I go?
Because it’s designed entirely to help you achieve your sporting goals and be the best you can be. You’ll be shown exactly what steps you need to take to access Olympic Solidarity’s support and make the most of the programmes. A number of you have already received scholarships have helped support you on your journey to Buenos Aires, and more of you will continue to benefit from that support moving towards future Olympic Games. Your entourage are also welcome, with scholarships available for both athletes and coaches.

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