Lausanne, Switzerland – Members of the IOC Athletes’ Commission met this week in Lausanne, Switzerland, under the leadership of the newly elected Chair, Angela Ruggiero.

The meeting focused on developing a consensus on the strategic direction, which will guide the Commission’s work until 2024, by creating a bold vision for the future of elite athletes. The timing of the strategic workshop falls in line with a breakthrough moment of the Commission with 10 new members joining over the past months.

“Over half of our Commission is new, so I wanted us to leverage on their fresh ideas in order to ensure we are strategically moving in the right directions and that our priorities are relevant. We look forward to using the experience of all members to help set the path forward over the next years,” Ruggiero said after the meetings.

This weekend’s meeting was the first opportunity for the veteran and new members of the Commission to come together and make the most out of both their experience and the new ideas in the room. Over the course of two days, the Commission tackled various strategic issues with the aim of building a clear plan and defining their direction to be implemented over the course of the next seven years.

“This meeting is a turning point for the Commission, which has focused on having a seat at the table since its establishment 35 years ago. Now that we have it, we want to evaluate our priorities so we can build a bold vision for the future and make that seat really count for every Olympic athlete we represent.

“Olympic Agenda 2020 reaffirmed the central role of athletes within the Olympic movement, and I look forward to the Commission working with the IOC Members, IFs, NOCs and the WOA as well as the whole Olympic Movement for the best interest of athletes,” Ruggiero said.

The IOC Athletes’ Commission is encouraging all athletes to contact them with their ideas, suggestions or comments for what they would like the Commission to focus on, via the “Olympic Athletes’ Hub” app, or by sending an email to

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