The International Olympic Committee Athletes’ Commission joined the Executive Board for a meeting in order to discuss the development and implementation of their future strategy.

“Our mission is to represent athletes within the Olympic Movement and support them to succeed on and off the field of play,” explains Angela Ruggiero.

“Today, we discussed the key challenges of the Olympic Movement relating to athletes and highlighted the ways in which our strategy would help address these points. I look forward to building on this incredible momentum and maximising the positive impact we can make on behalf of athletes and the Olympic Movement.”

Throughout the strategy development process, the IOC Athletes’ Commission has engaged with a number of stakeholders and partners, including IOC leadership, International Federations and Continental Associations Athletes’ Commissions, to mention but a few.

Vice-Chair of the IOC Athletes’ Commission Tony Estanguet said: “We recognise that the Olympic Movement is not free of challenges, and the IOC Athletes’ Commission has been, and continues to be, key to addressing issues such as doping.”

He added: “We are absolutely delighted to have the full support of the IOC President and IOC Executive Board, and very much recognise the fundamental role of the Olympic Movement stakeholders in the successful delivery of our strategy. We look forward to continuing our strong partnership and collaboration with all stakeholders to ensure that we can serve our peers in the best possible way.”

The IOC Athletes’ Commission will finalise its strategy over the coming months, and it will be formally presented for approval by the IOC Executive Board this September.

An active Commission for and by athletes

Reflecting the Olympic Agenda 2020 aim of placing the athletes at the heart of the Olympic Movement and strengthening the support to athletes, the IOC Athletes’ Commission serves as a link between athletes and the IOC. The majority of members of the Commission are elected directly by Olympic athletes and act as the athletes’ representatives in the Olympic Movement. Members of the Commission are also present on the majority of IOC commissions, and the Chair serves on the IOC Executive Board as a full member.

The goal of the IOC Athletes’ Commission is to ensure that the athletes’ viewpoint remains at the heart of the Olympic Movement decisions. Additionally, an integral part of the work is to support athletes on and off the field of play and to promote the protection of clean sport.

The Commission members are also involved in many key IOC activities and fully integrated into the IOC decision-making process. This includes the process for evaluating Candidate Cities seeking to host the Olympic Games and the composition of the sports programme for the Games.

Athletes’ Commission member, Kirsty Coventry, underlined the mission, “Listening to all Global Athlete Representatives is essential to ensure the athletes are heard so we can support them in becoming as effective as possible on and off the field of play. It is our objective to empower and support all athlete representatives through a worldwide network of effective Athletes’ Commissions and we are committed to enhancing our engagement as well as increasing resources to support Athletes’ Commissions.”