On 11 August, the IOC Athletes’ Commission held a video conference ahead of the IOC Executive Board meeting and the IOC Session in September. During this meeting, members discussed topics including:

  1. The IOC Athletes’ Commission Strategy
  2. Anti-doping and medal reallocation
  3. Gender Equality
  4. IOC Athlete Programmes
  5. Charter of Athlete Rights

The outcomes of the meeting included:

  • Members approved the new IOC Athletes’ Commission Strategy, which will be presented to the IOC Executive Board for its final approval in September. This is following a 10-month consultation process with the worldwide network of Athletes’ Commissions and the Olympic Movement. The Commission has highlighted its four responsibilities as:

o   Empower Athlete Participation in Olympic Movement decision-making processes.

o   Support Athletes’ Development in their sporting and non-sporting careers.

o   Promote Athlete Involvement in decision-making across the Olympic Movement.

o   Ensure Athlete Representation in Olympic Movement decision-making.

  • The Commission’s priority is to continue to protect clean athletes and to ensure they receive clear and accurate communications, specifically relating to the Russian anti-doping investigation and measures to be taken by the IOC ahead of the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018. Discussions took place in regard to engagement with athletes and the WADA Athlete Committee, to ensure understanding of the athletes’ input.
  • The Commission agreed on a set of principles for medal reallocation in the case of an anti-doping violation, which will be put forward to the IOC Executive Board.
  • Angela Ruggiero and Sarah Walker are members of the IOC Gender Equality Working Group and they reported on the progress of the IOC’s Gender Equality Review project and the recommendations being prepared for the IOC Executive Board. The inclusion of this topic in the agenda for the upcoming Olympic Summit was also discussed.
  • Members discussed and agreed next steps regarding the rebranding of IOC programmes for athletes with the aim of streamlining messaging to them. A full communications brief will be given to the IOC Athletes’ Commission in Lima.
  • The Charter of Athlete Rights was discussed as a next step in the IOC Athletes’ Commission Strategy. This will be developed in the near future.