How can clubs and sports organisations benefit from social media? What approach should they take to build a loyal base of followers and widen their reach?

We spoke to Alex Trickett, head of sport for Twitter UK, who has come up with a formula based on five key areas. He calls it BRAVE.

Break News – People expect news to break first on Twitter, so where you have news to break, own that story – and all the mentions and retweets – or someone else will.

Rich Media – Embed photos and videos into your Tweets to enhance your story – there is usually a 50% uplift in retweets for Tweets with pictures.

Amplify Yourself – Start conversations with other high-profile @handles; join in on popular hashtags

Value Others – This might be at competitions or just hearing what other people have to say on Twitter and asking for their input.

Exclusive Access – Where you go, so goes your Twitter account. Give people access to stuff they wouldn’t otherwise see.