Want to find out whether your body is ready for the rigours of elite sport? And about the strengths, weaknesses and imbalances you may not be aware of as you continue to grow?

The Performance Accelerator tent in the Youth Olympic Village provides you with once-in-a-lifetime access to a range of experts in the field, who will test your physical strength and balance, before giving bespoke advice that can help you optimise your training techniques to avoid injury and ultimately improve your athletic performance.

Where is the Performance Accelerator?
You can find the Performance Accelerator tent in the heart of the Youth Olympic Village, on the right-hand side as you go through the main entrance.

When can I visit it?
The Performance Accelerator team will be working from 10am until 9pm on every day of the Games until 18 October, when it will close at 4pm ahead of the Closing Ceremony. That gives you plenty of time to check it out – although maybe not on your way back from a hearty meal at the dining hall, as you need to be ready to sweat!

Who will be there?
The Performance Accelerator is a collaboration between two of the leading institutions in the field of injury prevention: the University of Lausanne (UNIL) and the National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance (INSEP), based in Paris. You can receive tailored advice from more than 20 staff representing both organisations – from coaches and physical trainers to ex-athletes and even former world champions.

What should I expect?
You will do a range of physical tests split into two categories, and analysed using tablets that bring up your own personal avatar. If a part of your body shows up green on the avatar then there’s nothing to worry about, but if it’s red then there might be a bit of tension – and our goal is to make that better.

First, you’ll do a series of range-of-motion tests focused on balance and mobility, before being filmed doing three different physical exercises: overhead squat, stepping and push-ups. We’ll look at the video and give you personal feedback after the tests, showing you a selection of exercises you can use to make everything better. The whole process should take around 40 minutes.

Why should I go?
To gain knowledge and information that will help you to prevent future injury. Athletes are more likely to have imbalances at a younger age, so if you want to train for longer periods, this is a good way to see if your body is ready. You’ll receive a personalised document after taking all of the tests, and after that, you’re welcome to come here to practice any of the exercises that we’ve recommended. See you soon!

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