US basketballer Angel McCoughtry has two Olympic gold medals to her name and remains one of the world’s top players. When she’s not shooting hoops, however, she’s selling scoops – balancing her training with running an ice cream parlour in Atlanta, USA. In this episode of the Olympic Channel’s Day Jobs series, we go behind the scenes to see how Angel balances her sport with her career and how the twin pursuits support each other.

  • Angel McCoughtry is an Olympic gold medallist and entrepreneur
  • In the Olympic Channel series Day Jobs, she describes how she finds a balance between her two passions
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“I have a big sweet tooth. I love ice cream.”

Angel McCoughtry’s main passion is being on the basketball court, but she still manages to find time to pursue her other interests through McCoughtry’s Ice Cream, the parlour that she runs alongside competing as an elite-level athlete.

Angel stresses that having a focus off the court has helped her on it. “Being a part of the business and being hands on is very important to me, because my name is on the business,” she explains.

“I’m so much wiser now. I have been through so many ups and downs. I tell people I did not just get here, I have been through it. I am growing in life and I am growing in basketball.”

The Olympic champion is keen to point out that there are parallels between the business and basketball worlds. “It’s like the feeling before a championship game; you just can’t sleep the night before. I am still feeling nervous. I don’t even know the words to explain,” Angel told the Olympic Channel before the grand opening.

Angel’s success ultimately comes down to thinking ahead. “One of the things that Angel did is surround herself with business-minded people,” explains her father, Roi – who helps run the parlour.

“All they talked about was Angel the businesswoman. She started walking in the areas of business and thinking about how [she was] going to survive when basketball is over and it’s not supporting her anymore. She’s on that road now.”

And she’s showing no signs of leaving it either, with future sporting success not the only thing Angel has planned for the future. “In five years’ time, I want to be sitting with the top CEOs making decisions about either something in basketball or in the ice cream industry. That’s where I want to be.”

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