How to ensure your curriculum vitae stands out from the field

A sparkling CV can be the passport to an exciting new career as you embark on life after sport but it’s essential you get it right to maximise your chances of getting the job.

Potential employers pour over hundreds of CVs and it’s crucial your document has the X-Factor to send it to the top of the pile.

Here are our five top tips to perfecting your all-important résumé.

Loud and proud

Everything you’ve accomplished in sport can be translated into the work environment and it’s important your CV highlights your athletic achievements, even if you think they’re not directly relevant to the new position you’re applying for. Highlight the qualities – dedication, drive and perseverance – you displayed in your sporting career and explain how they are transferable to your potential new role.

Be concise

There’s no definite answer how long a CV should be but one or two pages is widely regarded as standard. Ensure your document includes all-important information such as your personal details and educational background and anything that is relevant to the job.

Attention to detail

Top athletes know the importance of accuracy and precision and the same focus is required when composing your CV. Mistakes inevitably make a negative impact on potential employers so it is vital to check the document for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. It is also advisable to check the formatting and line spacing. Ask a friend or family member to proofread your CV.

Keep it simple

Ensure your CV is consistent in both the language you use and the font you write in. Your language should be formal and clear. Remember to avoid jargon or too many abbreviations, which may confuse employers. Use a standard font, the same size throughout. Don’t be tempted to experiment with unusual or unconventional fonts.

Second opinion

Good athletes are never afraid to ask for advice or feedback in the pursuit of excellence and it should be exactly the same when you prepare your CV. Identify someone with experience in the same field as the role you’re applying for and ask for their opinion.