Panam Sports Athletes’ Commission welcomes five new members

The Panam Sports Athletes’ Commission has five new members, with over 1,800 athletes casting their votes during the elections at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games.  

A record 1,838 votes were cast, making this the largest election amongst previous PanAm Games editions 

Athlete365 congratulates the newly elected members, who will be serving an eight-year term on the Panam Sports Athletes’ Commission: 

  • Amber Joseph (Barbados, Cycling)
  • Isabel Swan (Brazil, Sailing) 
  • Melissa Humana-Paredes (Canada, Volleyball) 
  • Paola Longoria (Mexico, Racquetball) 
  • Tony Azevedo (USA, Waterpolo) 

The new members will be joining the following members, who will continue to serve until the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games: 

  • Adriana Escobar (El Salvador, Rowing) 
  • Aliann Pompey (Guyana, Athletics) 
  • Carlos Santiago (Puerto Rico, Judo) 

On behalf of Athlete365,  we would like to thank the outgoing members of the Commission for their time and effort, including the current President of the Panam Sports Athletes’ Commission, Alexandra Orlando (Canada). 

“On behalf of the Panam Sports Athlete Commission, we are very excited to welcome these five new members to our team of powerful voices who represent the incredible athletes of the Americas. Elected by their peers, these new representatives will bring a fresh outlook and renewed energy to our mission. I am honoured to have served as the President of this Commission along with so many outstanding colleagues and friends. We have taken so many strides to strengthen the voice of athletes throughout the Americas, and I know that this next group of leaders will continue to fight for more rights and representation for all athletes,” said Ms Orlando. 

The new Panam Sports Athletes’ Commission will host its first meeting in the coming weeks, where it will elect the new President.