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Food & beverage


Each Village has a dining hall. It is open 24 hours and free of charge with quality food suitable for elite athletes. A menu card in English, French and Korean, featuring pictograms, accompanies all dishes available in the Olympic Villages and provides dietary information for specific menu items.

The Main Dining Halls will have several distribution points where athletes and team officials can freely select items of food and drink with the assistance of the catering staff.
Each Main Dining Hall will have the following food distribution points:
ㆍ grill station serving grilled food including fish, beef, pork and chicken, with fresh vegetables and carbohydrate-rich foods;
ㆍ Korean and regional section;
ㆍ pizza and pasta bar with fresh-baked pizza, pasta and breads;
ㆍ deli and salad bar offering assorted sliced meats, cheeses, fresh bread, salads, condiments and prepared sandwiches;
ㆍ coffee and bakery serving hot beverages and sweet baked goods such as pastries, cookies and muffins;
ㆍ dairy products;
ㆍ dry cereal;
ㆍ Halal station serving Halal food cooked in the kitchen;
ㆍ Kosher station serving ready-made food; and
ㆍ hot and cold beverages, fresh fruit and bread.

Download the Olympic Village Menu

Cold Beverages

Cold beverage vending machines serving a range of Coca-Cola products including soft drinks, water, Powerade and orange juice, are located throughout the Olympic Village.


McDonald’s is available in Gangneung Olympic Village.