The IOC Athlete Career Programme formalised its Outreach programme in 2007 with the goal of providing athletes with the tools and skills to succeed in both their sporting and non-sporting careers.   In the first 10 years, more than 8000 participants from 91 countries across the 5 continents have attended an Outreach workshop.

The Outreach workshops focus on the three pillars of the IOC ACP – education, life skills and employment – and they are delivered by a member of the NOC Athletes’ Commission, Olympians and/or Adecco managers and employment experts. 

These in-person sessions are delivered with a dynamic, hands-on approach designed to assist athletes at different stages of their sports careers, from the young to the retired.  Sessions can take place over one or two days depending on the time available.



Some of the topics covered in the Outreach workshop are:

  • Behavioural Discovery
  • Game Plan
  • Networking
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Interviewing
  • Dual Career
  • Entrepreneurship



15 Jan: France Athletes’ Forum

25 Feb: Bermuda

4 Mar: Jordan

7 May: UWW (Guatemala)

11-12 May: Kenya 

14 May: Sudan 

30 Jun: Zimbabwe

18 Jul: FIE (Wuxi, China)

21 Jul: BWF

10 Aug: Sierra Leone

12-13 Aug: ITTF (Shanghai, China) 

29 Aug: Hermosillo, Mexico

6 Sep: Torreon, Mexico 

13 Sep: Culiacan, Mexico

14 Sep: Serbia
Educator:  Milos Milenkovic,
Mayi Cruz Blanco
Lead educator: Ana Jelusic

18-19 Sep: France
Educator: Estelle Boulinguez
Lead educator: Kady Kanouté20 Sep: Colima, Mexico
Adecco experts
Lead educator: Ricardo del Real

25-26 Sep: Bogota, Colombia

27 Sep: Morelia, Mexico
Adecco experts
Lead educator: Ricardo del Real

11-12 Oct: Medellin, Colombia
Adecco experts

18 Oct: Croatia
Educator: Ana Popovcic
Lead educator: Ana Jelusic

26 Oct: Hungary
Educator: Attila Mizsér
IOC: Carolina Hesse

6 Nov: Lithuania
Educator: Vaida Masalskyte
Lead educator: Dmytro Kirpulyanski

8 Nov: Chile
Lead educator: Yuri Maier

10 Nov: Philippines
Educator: Jovina Choo
Lead educator: Ren Kai Yip18 Nov: Jordan
Educator: Nadin Dawani
IOC: Carolina Hesse

22-23 Nov: Korea
Educator: Seung Min Ryu
Lead educator: Ren Kai Yip

26 Nov: Estonia
Educator: Aivo Normak
IOC: Carolina Hesse

29 Nov: Rome, Italy
Educator: Kelum Asanka Perera
IOC: Niccolo Campriani

4-5 Dec: Cartagena, Colombia
Adecco Experts

9 Dec: India
Educator: Anjali Bhagwat
Educator: Mayi Cruz Blanco
Educator: Jovina Choo

20 Dec: Korea
Educator: Seung Ming Ryu
Guest educator: Jovina Choo
Lead educator: Sharon Springer


ACP Outreach Lead Educators

ACP Outreach Educators

Back row (left to right) : Maria Ntanou (Greece/FIE), Vaida Masalskyte (Lithuania), Nada Arakji (Qatar), Maruta Taima (Latvia), Barbara Kendall (New Zealand), Anjali Bhagwat (India), Limor Mizrachi (Israel), Estelle Boulinguez (France/Adecco), Ana Popovcic (Croatia), Nadin Dawani (Jordan), Donata Taddia (Italy/FIVB), Jasna Rather (ITTF), Jovina Choo (Singapore), Carolina Hesse (IOC)

Front row (left to right) : Aivo Normak (Estonia), Justin Govender (South Africa), Danka Bartekova (Slovakia), Ryu Seungmin (South Korea), Attila Mizser (Hungary), Mayi Cruzo (Adecco), Kelum Perera (Italy), Milos Milenkovic (Serbia)


If you would like to participate in one of these Outreach workshops, please contact your NOC / IF / organisation to find out more. 



If you need more information about the IOC ACP Outreach workshops, you can contact the IOC Athlete365 Careers team at