The IOC is a privately-funded non-profit organisation that distributes over 90% of its revenues to organisations throughout the Olympic Movement who support the staging of the Olympic Games and who promote the worldwide development of sport. The IOC retains less than 10% of its revenue for the operational and administrative costs of governing the Olympic Movement.

Video published February 2018)

Revenue Distribution

With 90% of the IOC’s revenue going back to the development of sport throughout the world, the clear breakdown of the finances can be found in the following infographics further broken down by the individual contributions made towards supporting the Games, to various International Federations (IF), National Olympic Committees (NOC) and the Youth Olympic Games. (YOG)

(Animation published February 2018)

To find out the clear breakdown of the revenue distribution and how the IOC distributes the money amongst the various Olympic Movement partners, here is a detailed infographic. 





And to know more about finances and a break down of the existing approved budget, please head to the finances page