Up to USD $10million is available each Olympiad for NOC ACs to fund activities

NOCs can apply for up to USD $10,000 annually for their Athletes’ Commission to be used on athlete-centred projects

NOCs who do not yet have an AC can still apply for the grant and use the funding to establish one

To strengthen direct financial support for NOC Athletes’ Commissions


Why has this grant been introduced?

At the International Athletes’ Forum in April 2019, one of the nine recommendations submitted to the IOC by the 350 athlete representatives was “To strengthen direct financial support for NOC and Continental Associations Athlete Commissions”.

As a result, the Olympic Solidarity Commission went in search of a way to do this. The final result is the NOC Athletes’ Commission activity grant.

The purpose of the grant is to strengthen the influence of athletes in local contexts and across the Olympic Movement, ensuring that you remain a priority, and are able to have an impact on your NOCs, as well as global sport.

What can this grant be used for?

For NOCs which do not already have an AC, this grant can be used to establish one, allowing their athletes to begin new initiatives in their community.

For ACs that have already been established, these funds should be used for a number of different activities designed to support you and help your commission become stronger. These include, but are not limited to:  Athletes’ Commission capacity building events, organising a national athletes’ forum; promoting athlete career transition programmes; facilitating AC election processes and setting up athlete education workshops.

If you would like help with the content / presentations for any of these events our team is happy to help you. We have many resources for Athletes’ Commissions and we can help ensure you have the most up to date information for you and your athletes.

If your NOC does not have an Athletes’ Commission this grant can be used to establish one.


How does my NOC access this grant?

To be eligible for the grant, your NOC must either have an AC, or plan to establish one, and complete the application form.

The maximum annual grant available for each NOC is USD $10,000, and this was made available from January 2020.

After the grant has been confirmed, your NOC will have a responsibility to ensure that the promised activities are carried out and reported upon to ensure continued access to the funds provided.

To apply for the NOC Athletes’ Commission activity grant, download one of application forms below in English, French or Spanish. ACs should work together with the NOC to apply for the grant. 

All applications completed and signed should be sent to

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