Do you know what the most common name is for an Olympic medallist? Or the average age of Olympic champions? Click here to find out the answers and many more fun facts about Olympians!

Golden age
The most common age of an Olympic champion is 23 years for the Summer Games and 24 years for the Winter Games, but average ages do tend to vary quite a lot between different sports. In equestrian, for example, the average age of an Olympic medallist is 35 years, 9 months (for men) and 33 years, 11 months (for women), while the average age of a medal-winning female gymnast is just 20 years.

An elite club
Being an Olympian makes you a member of an elite club, as approximately 137,000 people have ever competed at the Olympic Games. Of these, around 100,000 athletes have competed in one edition, while Canada’s Ian Millar has appeared in a record 10 Games!

What’s in a name?
‘John’ is by far the most popular given name for Olympic medallists, with Johns having won 272 medals in total. Robert (186 medallists) and Vladimir (180) are the next most popular names, while Olga (73), Elena (66) and Maria (65) are the most common female names to make it to the podium.

An athlete for all seasons
136 athletes have competed at both the Summer Games and Winter Games (in different sports), but Eddie Eagan is the only athlete to have won Olympic gold in each. The American claimed light-heavyweight boxing gold in 1920 before adding the four-man bobsleigh title 12 years later.

Never give up!
Don’t worry if you’re still waiting to qualify for your first Olympic Games – American archer Thomas Scott was 71 when he first competed at the Games in 1904, making him the oldest Olympic debutant ever.

Athletes of many talents
46 athletes have won medals in two or more Olympic sports. The most recent to do so was Lauryn Williams, who added a bobsleigh silver to the gold and silver she won in athletics.

Food for thought
How do we know that Olympians like their food? During the Olympic Games Rio 2016, hungry athletes chowed down approximately 60,000 meals each day in the Olympic Village, with 210,000kg of raw ingredients being delivered daily.