Kick start your idea and become an entrepreneur on us

We are excited to bring to you the Athlete365 Business Accelerator, a three-stage entrepreneur journey funded by Olympic Solidarity that will provide you with the platform to kick start and then supercharge your idea…

  • Sign up to access a free-to-use online course on entrepreneurship
  • Follow a guided step-by-step process to draft a good first business idea, regardless of your current experience
  • Successful applicants will be invited to attend a two-day workshop to develop their business plan* and participate in a four-week mentorship programme
  • Ten athletes will receive six months of accelerated mentoring with business experts from the Yunus Sports Hub network to turn the idea into reality*

Transitioning into a new career after sport is a reality that all athletes are likely to face at some point. It can often be a confusing, daunting and difficult time, where the routines and habits you’ve relied on no longer seem to be relevant.

The International Olympic Committee is continually looking at new ways to help athletes navigate this period, which is why Athlete365, in partnership with the Yunus Centre and funded through Olympic Solidarity delighted to offer you a unique opportunity to independently develop your own business ideas and work with some experts in the field through the Athlete365 Business Accelerator.