Two Educator courses were organised by the IOC Athlete Career Programme across Europe in May and June, aimed at up-skilling the next generation of athlete leaders and extending the network of ACP Educators worldwide

In June, the IOC Athlete Career Programme (ACP) staged a ‘New Educator’ course at the Olympic Training Centre in Rome, designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver ACP Outreach workshops.

In all, 21 participants from 20 countries, and representing the IOC, National Olympic Committees, International Federations and The Adecco Group, gathered in Italy to be trained to support athletes in the areas of education, life skills and employment.

The course is part of the IOC Athletes’ Commission (AC) Strategy to expand the network of certified ACP Educators worldwide, and three IOC AC members – Nadin Dawani, Seung-min Ryu and Vice-Chair Danka Bartekova – were among 10 Olympians present in Rome during the build-up to Olympic Day.

Communicating the Olympic values
In addition to topics covering behavioural discovery, game plan, networking and interviewing, participants were taught effective workshop facilitation methods, group dynamics and tools to engage with athletes. 

“Undertaking this course on Olympic Day makes it all the more special for me, knowing that all around the world people are coming together to promote Olympism and share the Olympic values,” said Maria Ntanou, the Greek cross-country skier and two-time Olympian who now works for the International Fencing Federation (FIE).

“I am proud to be able to use the skills I have developed over my career to better assist my fellow Olympians in their life transition,” she added.

Empowering athlete leaders
A month earlier, the ACP had staged a ‘Lead Educator’ course in Lausanne, aimed at up-skilling facilitators who already deliver ACP Outreach workshops across the globe.

The Lead Educators were encouraged to adopt an interactive and motivational approach in their workshop delivery, and advice was provided on how to best identity opportunities and challenges faced by Outreach participants and tailor learning accordingly.

The group, which featured Olympians from 12 different sports and all five continents, were also given the chance to engage with the ACP’s two new modules, Dual Career and Entrepreneurship, and provide feedback on the new content.

2017 was a landmark year for the ACP with over 2,000 athletes attending 51 Outreach workshops across 36 countries, and this year the programme is being expanded again alongside Athlete365.

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