How to build your Athlete365 profile

Dear Athletes,

Do you want access to engaging content, learning resources and exclusive offers, and to become visible to our growing official community of athletes worldwide?

If the answer is yes, then it’s time create your own personal profile on Athlete365. We had incredible engagement and sign-up at the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018, and now you can join them too by following my easy, step-by-step guide.

Get started
First things first, you need to register to Athlete365. You can do this by scrolling half way down homepage and clicking sign-up link, and filling in some personal details about yourself – including your country, sport and any Olympic Games you’ve competed in. Here, you can also subscribe to the Athlete365 newsletter by simply opting-in at the base of the form , so that you can receive athlete-focused content delivered straight to your inbox.

Find your best look
Once you’re signed up, you can start building your athlete profile by going to the ‘Profile Settings’ tab at the top of your screen. To start with, add a profile photo and banner, just like on your social media accounts. Athlete365 gives you exclusive access to photo booth images taken in the Olympic Village, and to Getty images of you competing – so if you go to the ‘My Photos’ section on your profile, you can find the one you look best in!

Add your achievements
Next, I would encourage you to take half an hour to fill in some personal information about yourself, so that Athlete365 users can quickly get to know you and see what you stand for. In this section, you can add highlights from your sporting and non-sporting career, including educational qualifications, any jobs you’ve had, plus any awards or distinctions you’ve received – from diplomas and medals at the Olympic Games, to prizes you won while you were studying. It’s like an introduction to your resume, and you can also give an idea of your personality by answering the question: ‘What do the Olympics mean to me?’

Link your social media
At the bottom of the Profile Settings page, you can link your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts to your Athlete365 profile. This will ensure that other users can quickly connect with you, and enable you to easily share Athlete365 content across your different platforms.

Access exclusive resources
As well as making you more visible to the global athlete community, having an Athlete365 account will give you many other advantages as we continue to develop the platform. If you go back to your profile page, you will see that you have access to a number of exclusive courses on the Athlete365 Learning, designed to equip you with vital knowledge on topics from injury prevention to sports psychology. And there is also an ‘Offers’ tab, where we will be listing job, internship and academic opportunities at the IOC, the World Olympians Association and The Adecco Group to name but a few.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to Athlete365 and create your personal profile today. And if you want an example for reference, here’s mine!

Looking forward to welcoming you to our global community of Olympic athletes.

Danka Bartekova