You’ve surely heard all about the quality of Argentinean steaks, and Buenos Aires has more than its fair share of traditional parrillas (barbecue grill restaurants) where you can get your red meat fix, but the YOG host city also boasts many other culinary delights that are sure to excite your taste buds during the Games. Make sure you try some of these delicious dishes before the Closing Ceremony!

Buenos Aires is famed for its tasty comida callejera (street food), and these popular pastry snacks are undoubtedly among the most popular treats on offer. Usually baked or fried, the delicious stuffed dough pockets come in a variety of flavours – from beef and chicken to corn and other vegetarian options – and can be found at stalls throughout the city.

If you thought Italy’s iconic gelato was the undisputed champion of the ice cream world, then you’ve obviously never tried the helado of Buenos Aires! The city takes its ice cream very seriously, with their thick and creamy variety drawing long queues at all the most popular heladerías (ice cream parlours) across town. Favourite flavours include dulce de leche, based on the sweet caramel sauce that Argentina is also famous for, and sambayón, which is made from sweet wine, sugar and egg yolks.

These delicious breakfast treats look a lot like croissants, but are slightly smaller than the French classic and also a little bit sweeter thanks to the sticky sugary glaze on the top.

Widely regarded as Argentina’s national cuisine, asado can refer to both a barbecue and a method of grilling. Either way, it is a hugely important part of Argentine culture that brings together friends and families to enjoy delicious cuts of meat – such as beef, pork, ribs, sausages and blood sausages – grilled over an open flame.

These cheap and cheerful hot dog-style sandwiches are a perfect snack to grab from a street stall while you’re on the go. Combing spicy chorizo sausage and crusty bread, they are usually served with chimichurri – a green salsa made from oregano, parsley, garlic, chilli flakes and red wine vinegar.

These crumbly shortbread-like biscuits, filled with dulce de leche and dipped in chocolate or coconut flakes, are a national obsession and a tasty sweet treat at any time of the day!