Get started in the business world!

As Education Advisor of the Yunus Sports Hub, Leonhard Nima is the Main Course Anchor for the Athlete365 Business Accelerator programme. Leonhard played a vital role in the course’s conceptualisation, creation and development and helps continue its growth.

  • The Athlete365 Business Accelerator is designed to help you take your first steps in the business world.
  • The free programme introduces you to the basics of entrepreneurship and helps to develop your initial ideas even further.
  • An online six-lesson course is followed by a two-day workshop where you can shape your business idea alongside like-minded athletes.

Since 2010, I’ve been working with Nobel Peace Prize laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus, who founded the Yunus Sports Hub to promote and implement the concept of social business in the sport world. When we started collaborating with the IOC last year, we wanted to create something to support athletes finding it difficult to finance their sport career and career transition. From this, the Athlete365 Business Accelerator course was born.

Why the Business Accelerator?

Our main objective with this programme is to provide business and entrepreneurship basics to athletes to help you to understand what it takes to start a business from the initial idea to the business plan and then on to financial planning. If you already have a business idea and the necessary skills, perhaps you don’t need help, but the course is there to give the basics to those of you that do.

Our six-lesson online course is long enough to give you the information, but not so long that it is overwhelming. We provide the coaching, but ultimately, it’s up to you to train using our exercises and tasks and then put it into practice.

Social business

While you are welcome to go down any path and sector that you choose, we always encourage athletes to consider social business when starting. This concept is an enterprise which is created specifically to tackle a certain social problem and then reinvest any profits to widen the resulting social impact, helping to solve the initial problem.

I think that the most unique part of the programme is its nod to sustainability. Not only is this an increasingly important issue, but we are also seeing an increase in its public exposure, which has led to large interest from the younger generations, creating more opportunities moving forwards, often linked to social business.

The next step

Once you’ve completed the six online lessons, you’ll be invited to come to one of our five workshops based in different locations around the globe. These will be taking place between August and October and will bring aspiring entrepreneurs like you together to hone your business ideas.

Does your business idea need an extra push to get started? The Athlete365 Business Accelerator is free-to-use and provides you with the fundamentals to plan your idea. If you successfully complete the programme, you’ll be invited to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in an expert-led workshop, where you can further hone your skills alongside other athlete entrepreneurs.