Athlete365 Career+ Forum helps athletes prepare for lifelong excellence

Career transition, dual career and athlete employability were the key focuses at the 2019 Athlete365 Career+ Forum, as 100 participants from 47 countries headed to Lake Placid in New York on 3-4 November.

  • Athletes, administrators and stakeholders from all over the world came together to discuss how Athlete365 Career+ can best support you.
  • Coordinating resources more effectively, supporting you at every stage of your career transition, and helping employers better understand and utilise your unique skillsets were all on the agenda.
  • Learn more about the resources available to you as part of the Athlete365 Career+ Outreach programme.

The two-day meet consisted of panel talks, breakout sessions, workshops and activities that allowed participants to come together and share best practices for working with athletes off the field of play. In attendance were representatives from The Adecco Group and various National Olympic Committees (NOCs) alongside Career+ Outreach Educators, who were invited to the Career+ Forum for the first time to offer their insight as key drivers of the Athlete365 Career+ Outreach programme on the ground.

Providing athletes with a platform
The main objective of the Forum was identifying how Athlete365 Career+ can best help you to transition from your sporting career into the wider workplace. Discussions focused on how the various stakeholders involved can contribute to achieving this objective and best utilise the unique skills that you can bring into the labour market.

One key priority, it was agreed, must be to support you through the entire career transition process: from applying, through interviewing, onboarding and learning up to long-term retention and progression. Part of this involves helping you be aware of what corporate or non-sporting workplaces look like and how they operate, but participants also acknowledged the importance of engaging your entourage to help you be aware of the opportunities available to you and feel comfortable in pursuing them.

We are united by a common purpose – the well-being of athletes across all sports.

Tailoring the resources available to you on a continental and regional level was identified as an area for progress, with discussions about the local opportunities that NOCs and The Adecco Group could take advantage of when supporting athletes.

Helping employers help you
Successfully making the leap from one career to the next can be a multi-layered process, and so another of the key topics of discussion at the Forum revolved around understanding how companies can harness your full potential once you have entered into the workplace. This includes aiding you with talent identification, helping you understand the value of the distinctive mix of skills and experience that you can bring.

One of the key outcomes of the Forum was acknowledging the importance of the preparation and education of not just athletes but NOCs, International Federations, HR experts and wider stakeholders as well. Engaging with them is vital in order for the Athlete365 Career+ community to be able to successfully help you.

United by a common purpose
Carlos Santiago, one of the Career+ Lead Educators, said: “The Forum represents an interconnection of people working all over the world. It’s an opportunity to learn from peers and professionals in different areas. Knowledge sharing, professionalism, fun and development define what the Forum is about.”

Yuri Maier, another Career+ Lead Educator, added “It’s been a wonderful few days surrounded by marvellous people from all over the world united by a common purpose – the well-being of athletes across all sports.”

If you want to know more about how Career+ can help you, check out the Outreach programme resources available on Athlete365.