For athletes at all stages of your careers, the IOC has programmes to help you succeed at all stages of your career.  The IOC Career+ Programme, delivered in cooperation with the Adecco Group, helps elite athletes build on their skill sets so they can successfully manage the difficult transition from sport to a new career.

Are you an Olympian interested in pursuing school or employment while continuing to compete at the highest levels?

If so, the IOC Career+ Programme is a must to check out. From education to employment to the life skills that will set you up to succeed both inside and out of the competition arena, the Athlete Career Programme has you covered.

Or are you a retiring athlete transitioning into a new career?

The IOC’s Career+ Programme also has been thinking of athletes transitioning from their sporting careers to the opportunities and challenges that come next. Many of the characteristics that made you a top sportsperson can also help you succeed in your career after sport. We developed an e-learning course to help make your transition a successful one.  Check it out by visiting  the IOC Athlete Learning Gateway