Does the prospect of retirement worry you, or does the thought of starting something new inspire and motivate you? Whether you’re starting out or feel like you’re nearing the end of your playing days, these questions are ones that all of us face and often find daunting. Luckily, we’re here to help you with our dedicated resources that are readily available to set you up for the next stage in your career.

In this course you will learn:

  • How your mindset is key in making a successful transition
  • The importance of sharing with and supporting your peers
  • Why building ‘life skills’ will set you up for success
  • The benefits of having interests away from sport
  • The value of your family and friends during the process

Athlete365’s Career Transition: Life After Sport online course is a quick and free course led by Olympian and career transition expert Gearoid Towey, that will provide you with valuable insights into how best to manage the transition and set yourself up for the next phase of your life.

We know that saying goodbye to your sporting career and facing the reality of moving on can seem like a big challenge. The move from a structured, purposeful career to one that is somewhat unknown can be a big jump to make. But thousands of athletes just like you make this transition every year, and many of them share success stories and valuable insights throughout this course.

Learning from others
“We all have our own journey to take, but learning from others who have walked the path is always useful,” says Gearoid.

“The thing I underestimated was the process of finding that next purpose. Having a degree wasn’t enough. I probably should have spoken to more ex-athletes while I was still competing. Just to get a flavour for what might be in store.”

According to business consultant and ex-international athlete Rich Stead: “There is inevitably a mentally arduous and emotionally-driven journey to go through when making such a substantial shift in being and identity.

“But it is important to remember that, even if no one in your physical circle ‘gets it’, we are more connected than ever, and invariably there are people out there who have walked a very similar path before you, even if it feels like you can’t see the path yourself.”

Embrace change
Whatever stage of your career you are at, by completing the course – which will take approximately 45 minutes – you will have a better understanding of some of the challenges associated with the change and how they can be overcome.

“Appreciate and soak up the learning process – not everyone has the opportunity to get a ‘do-over’,” says Rich.

“Whatever your reason to jump, do it wholeheartedly, embrace change, and don’t look back.”

For more information and advice on the subject, and to take the course today, click here.