World Taekwondo elect four new members to their Athletes’ Committee

World Taekwondo have confirmed the appointment of four new members into their Athletes’ Committee for the period of time between 2019 and 2023. All four members were elected by their peers at the Manchester 2019 World Taekwondo Championships. This is the first time the members were elected and ensues the commitment the International Federation has towards democratically uplifting and promoting the athletes’ voice within the Olympic movement. 

The four newly-elected members are: 

  • Jingyu WU (China)
  • Nikita GLASNOVIC (Croatia) 
  • Benjamin HAINES (Great Britain) and
  • Stephen LAMBDIN (USA)

In order to maintain universality, no two members on the council – irrespective of sex – are allowed to be from the same country. The Athletes’ Committee also adheres to gender balance. Currently co-chaired by Pascal Gentil and IOC Athletes’ Commission member Nadin Dawani who are both ex-officio members on the WT Council hold their spots till the end of their term in 2021. The newly-elected members will automatically become candidates for the role of Chair in 2021. 

Apart from the four newly-elected members, up to two more members could be appointed to the Athletes’ Committee by World Taekwondo’s President. Speaking at the launch of this candidature process earlier this year, WT President Chungwon Choue said, “The Athletes’ Committee is vital in ensuring that our athletes’ voice is heard at every stage of our decision-making processes. Athletes are at the heart of our sport and we must ensure that we are representing their interests and providing the best possible environment for them to compete.” 

During the AC meeting held at Manchester, IOC Athletes’ Commission member Nadin Dawani presented the work of the IOC AC and the Athletes’ Rights and Responsibilities Declaration. The Taekwondo AC backed the Athletes’ Declaration and adopted it with a view to bringing it to the Taekwondo Executive Board in the future.

We wish the World Taekwondo Athletes’ Committee the very best and look forward to working together.