Take advantage of exclusive services through Athlete365 and Intel

Following the announcement of our collaboration with Intel to deliver an exciting new athlete programme, we take a closer look at the services available to you as part of this offer.

  • Receive athlete-focused career mentoring for a year from an experienced Intel employee.
  • Work on your personal development with full access to the LinkedIn Learning platform.
  • Benefit from content developed by EXOS that supports high performers to excel.
  • Gain access to the Headspace app and unlock a full library of themed courses and meditations.

To empower and support you during the COVID-19 crisis, but also in preparation for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 and beyond, Intel and Athlete365 are partnering to deliver an athlete support programme that provides new opportunities for you to learn how to better deal with stress and anxiety, but also develop your skill-set, prepare for your career transition and expand your network.

Athlete benefits will include access to life-coaching and development tools such as Headspace and EXOS, learning services from LinkedIn, and mentoring and networking services, scholarships, and athlete recruitment opportunities from Intel. 

Intel was able to provide these services by assessing existing benefits the company is offering to its 100,000 employees, and will now extend these to a wider community of 50,000 athletes spanning over 200 countries.

More information will be released over the course of this year, but for now this page can be a one-stop-shop to find out about each of the brilliant services that are included in this offer…

Supercharge your future with Intel

Intel is offering exclusive mentoring services to help you develop your skills and transition into your next career. Mentors will be drawn from a network of experienced Intel employees with a range of technical and non-technical backgrounds, and from all over the world.

You will be matched with a mentor based on your country, language, category of interests and needs. These could include anything from career planning to leadership skills. The Intel Mentor Program is in effect for one year, and once you’ve been matched, your mentor will reach out to you to set up a plan for making the most of your time together.

As part of the deal, you will also have access to courses from Intel’s Learning Network, some of which have been designed by the mentors themselves. These courses are curated and adapted specifically to be relevant to the global athlete community, building your competency in some of the most in-demand and essential skill-sets employers are looking for in the evolving workplace of the future.


Prioritise your career development with LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a platform that helps you discover and develop business, technology-related and creative skills through expert-led course videos.

Through our new programme with Intel, you will gain access to the entire library of content. This features more than 16,000 courses, and includes topics that may be applicable to you, such as public speaking and branding. You can choose to add these courses and related skills to your personal LinkedIn profile once you’ve completed them, and get personalised recommendations based on the skills you’re interested in.

To further enhance your learning experience, many of the courses come equipped with exercise files and assessments, and transcripts for the videos. You can also provide feedback to courses, and view and download videos offline – handy if you’re travelling to or from a competition.

Up your performance with EXOS

EXOS is a company focused on human performance and corporate programmes.

It specialises in developing personalised game plans for athletes around the world at any point in their career. Sports performance training is provided through a combination of in-person coaching, mobile tools and online content, so that you can always have data, insights and expert guidance within reach.

As part of our exciting new offer, you will have access to content around mindset and recovery. It may just help you unlock some more of your potential.

Improve your mind with Headspace

Headspace offers guided meditations, animations, articles and videos designed to improve your health and happiness.

As part of our new programme with Intel, you will benefit from free access to the highest level of subscription. This includes a full library with themed courses; a new meditation every day; sleep exercises and bedtime sounds, and move mode for body and mind fitness.

For example, you can simply select the “Movement & sport” topic in the library to access 10-day courses on competition, motivation, rehab, recovery, concentration and more. You can also find single meditations on the same topics if you want to try one session before committing to a course, or mindful walking and running exercises.

To access these services and improve your mental game, sign up here