Power Up Your Future with our online workshops

On the week of Monday 27th July, the first-ever Athlete365 Career+ Power Up online workshops were held. Attendees from all five continents participated in one of the workshops, which were spread across morning and evening sessions to allow athletes from every time zone to join. Check out our calendar of upcoming workshops and find out how you can get involved.

  • The Athlete365 Career+ Power Up workshops are an updated, online version of the Athlete365 Outreach workshops, held in small groups for a more interactive experience.
  • Attendees from the first workshop consisted of active and retired athletes, entourage members, and National Olympic Committee (NOC) and International Federation (IF) staff.
  • These workshops are available in different languages, allowing a large number of athletes to take part.

Workshop overview

The workshop is divided into four 90-minute online sessions, using games, storytelling, discussion and questioning to help you learn. All of the sessions are delivered by Athlete365 Career+ Educators. Barbara Kendall, the five-time Olympian, oversaw the first workshop.

All four sessions are designed to help you to grow and develop an understanding of yourself, with a focus on potential future career choices. Whether you are a young athlete who is only just beginning to think about what you want out of life, or an experienced sportsperson who is looking to take the next step, Athlete365 Career+ has something for you.

Athlete feedback

When asked about their experience of the first online workshop, participants said that it helped them to learn about themselves and gave them a renewed sense of purpose.

Responding to the question about their biggest takeaways from the Power Up workshop, one participant answered: “The importance of knowing yourself, how you communicate your passion and purpose and the importance of SMART goals.”

Can I get involved?

The Athlete365 Career+ Power Up workshops are available to all athletes. The global workshops will be available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic, allowing a large number of athletes to take part. NOCs, IFs, and Continental Associations can apply to host an online workshop for its athletes to attend.

Our next series of workshops will be delivered in Spanish on 17-20 August, taking place each day at 12pm CDT and 7pm CEST. To sign up for this workshop, click here

For more information and FAQs, go to our Athlete365 Career+ Power Up workshops page