All In for Athletes and the Olympic Movement

Through Olympic Agenda 2020, the IOC has significantly strengthened its support to athletes, and it is now our aim to build upon this and the great work of former IOC Athletes’ Commissions.

As the elected athlete representatives within the Olympic Movement, we aim to lead by example and provide a guiding reference for other Athletes’ Commissions. To do this successfully, we must be All In.

The development of our Strategy has been a collective effort, which involved Athletes’ Commission members from Continental Associations, International Federations and many other stakeholders within the Olympic Movement.

The protection and promotion of clean and fair sport is at the heart of our work and as athletes ourselves, we know the importance of competing on a level playing field. We are ready to engage with all athletes across the world and we will ensure we understand their perspective and can engage with the entire Olympic Movement to ensure their voice is part of the decision-making process. We must ensure clean and fair sport and this is a philosophy we embed within all of our responsibilities.

But more than anything, being All In must symbolise our collective mentality. As athletes, we know that success can only be achieved by committing ourselves 100%. Together with the Olympic Movement, we must now show all of this commitment as we turn our Strategy from paper to practice.

Athletes and the Olympic Movement – All In.